High Quality Printing

The more things change, the more they stay the same—isn't that what they say?

In the business of print, it is and has always been all about production. Technologies come and go and methods change with the times, but in the end what you need to get the job done is someone who knows how to get ink on paper.

Our career operations crew and artistically adept prepress department make sure we get a lot of ink on a lot of paper, quickly and precisely.

Offset Printing

  • Offset Printing—Single color, true two-color and full color presses, run by operators with decades of offset experience, enable quick turn-around times and first class quality.
  • Prepress—Technologically sophisticated prepress personnel and equipment supply the digital fodder for our printing plates, and offer solutions as file issues arise. Their experience and know-how precludes significant time loss or quality problems when clients' files are not ready for press production.
  • Computer-to-Plate Technology—CTP facilitates the rapid conversion of digital files to printing media. The steady stream of plates for the presses gets your printed job to the finishing department quickly.

Digital Printing

  • Full Color Laser—Full color, high speed digital scanners and printers make those power point handouts or short run full-color promotional pieces come to life. We understand your files, no matter the platform or format, so have no fear; your work will be printed in time. Once your digital prints are made, they can be plugged in to any of our finishing systems, facilitating an impressive finish for your equally impressive piece.
  • Black & White Laser—For economy, nothing beats out 180 prints a minute like our laser printers. When time is your enemy, networked machines in multiple offices work in tandem to get your work in your hands quickly and economically.

Finishing & Bindery

  • Saddle Stitching—Booklet making is one of our strengths, and it makes newsletters, directories, journals, manuals and programs quick, easy and affordable. Once off the press a job might, depending on stock, ink coverage or the customer's timing needs, go right to the two tower, 20 station Duplo saddle stitcher. In one operation a 4 to 80 page booklet is collated, stitched, folded and face trimmed. If mailing is required it would then move to the tabbing station. Often tabs are affixed as the materials come off the duplo so both steps are completed in one process. That is one of the advantages of having all the different phases of a streamlined production process.
  • Perfect Binding—Another work station printed pages might visit. Printstars perfect binds as many books as you need without a minimum, making it the perfect place to have your writings, manuals, journals, proposals catalogs and other presentations produced.
  • Folding—Text-weight paper can be just as flexible as we are, but heavier stocks require scoring first. Either way, we get them done! A piece might go to the folding area for tri-folding, z-folding, double-folding or right angle folding. Sales letters, invoices, marketing brochures and twelve-page newsletters all have special folds to take advantage of some mailing discounts. We have folded literally millions of pieces, in every conceivable way.
  • Collating—Press sheets might well need to be gathered for a further finishing step such as perfect (wrap around cover) binding. We make the wisest use of press set-ups to ensure the least amount of time in collation (minimizing printing costs and time). Once collated, the sets are sent to the bindery.
  • Bindery—We employ all the standard binding systems; GBC Comb Binds, Coil Binds, Velo Binds, Acco Binds, 3-Hole Drilling, Screw Posts and Wire-O Binds are all available. Added to our lightning fast Duplo Booklet Maker and our atractive Perfect Binding capability, our bindery makes us tops in quick turn-around presentation materials. We bind books hot off the collator, which means even large jobs are often bound in a net time of mere minutes... an added benefit you receive free of charge because we do our all phases of finishing in-house.
  • An much, much more!—There are so many other ways we add just the right finish to your materials. When in doubt, the best thing to do is ask for ideas. We will die-cut, stamp, emboss, polish and liven up just about anything if your needs demand it.
  • Mailing—Once your project is printed and bound, then what? Any printed project can be made complete with the proper mailing or distribution. When you have hundreds or thousands of potential clients to be contacted, ask us for the best way. Our experience in mailing will steer you right every time! For more information, visit the Mailing page.

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