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No matter what size business or organization you run, you can benefit from Printstars’ direct mail systems. Mailing is our fastest growing department, and offers our customers a finishing touch unmatched by quick printers and copy shops. Why deal with the hassle of sorting and mailing hundreds or thousands of pieces when Printstars can sort, address, and mail for you while saving you money in postage?

Our machinery and personnel address your mailings as they come off the press, out of bindery, or from the tabbing station. This organization lets us offer our unique Get Your Message Out program to business and organizations of all sizes.

We offer data management (mailing lists and list sorting and CASS certification) and mail processing services (folding, inserting, combining, tabbing, assembling, and addressing)

Data Management

  • Mailing Lists—If you have your own list simply supply it to Printstars in excel, ASCII, comma or tab delimited text files and we will take it from there. If you do not have a list we can help with our mailing list and leads service. Lists can be supplied for either residential or business addresses. We can select them by age, gender, income, renters, homeowners, occupation, industry, number of employees, licensees, hobbies, with children & without or by distance from a known address. Just let us know who you think you would like to reach and we can help. If you would like to use the same list more than once, we will keep it on file and maintain it as required.
  • CASS Certification—After you have your list, Printstars will sort it for maximum automation postal discounts. Our software checks lists for duplicates, corrects zip codes, CASS certifies and adds a post net delivery point barcode. If your list qualifies, Printstars will prepare it for delivery to a USPS sectional processing facility providing you additional discounts. We will prepare all the necessary postal paperwork, sort, tray, tie and deliver to the post office.

Mail Processing

  • Tabbing—Mail pieces may be single, double or triple tabbed as set forth by U.S. postal requirements. Our experience often enables us to recommend layout changes that will save the client money in finishing work and postage.
  • Addressing—Printstars uses high speed addressing technology with customization options, including a large variety of fonts up to 600 dpi in quality. This lets us fine tune the address for business or social applications. Whether a letter , postcard or gala event invitation, our addressing service is fast and can be tailored for your needs. This process will also place the delivery point barcodes required by the post office for the lowest possible postage rates.
  • Assembly—Printstars will complete your mailing by assembling, sorting, and delivering to the post office. Any sort of mailing may be folded, stuffed, inserted, sealed, sorted, trayed, and sent on its way. Whatever your needs, we will be your experienced hands on the job.

We make sure your mail goes out in a timely fashion, and with our Get Your Message Out program, all this is done—from design to delivery—in four days or fewer.

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